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xxxxxxOctober 2006 - Issue 50


Awards & Honors






Sylvester Gates was recently accepted to serve as a member of the LIGO Directorates Program Advisory Committee, from spring 2007- spring 2009. The advisory committee gives the directorate advice on scientific policy, as well as management, technical issues and strategy. In addition, they help review LIGO Scientific Collaboration funding proposals, for the National Science Foundation, and perform other tasks at the request of the NSF.

Donald Lagenberg and his course PHYS 121 “Fundamentals of Physics” was identified as one of the top examples of best practices in a national study of 139 physics courses conducted by the Center for Educational Policy Research.

Edward Redish and his course “Fundamental Physics II” was identified as one of the top example of exemplary practices in a national study of 139 physics courses conducted by the Center for Educational Policy Research.

The 2006 US High School Physics Team took five US high school students to the international competition in Singapore. Those students were trained and selected during a 9-day training camp held at the department each year. A total of 383 students from 86 nations participated in this year's competition. Our students received four gold medals and one silver. In an unofficial ranking of nations by total team score we placed second.

Ichiro Takeuchi, Russ Wood and Vispute Ratnakar patented a High-throughput thin-film fabrication vacuum flange 07084445 Cl. 257-294. For more information, visit :


In the News

On August 22, 2006, Theodore Einstein was quoted in a news item in Chemical & Engineering News regarding self-assembled honeycombs on surfaces.

On August 28, Robert Park was mentioned on MSNBC’s Cosmic Log, in which the writer describes Park’s long time criticism of human space exploration.

On August 23rd, an article entitled, “Redue the Students Who Dislike Physics” appeared in the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri. Edward Redish was interviewed for the article, during an International Conference on Physics Education: Physics in Tokyo.