May 2002 | Issue 25 | UM Physics

Breaking News!: UM Physicists Take a Fundamental Step Toward Quantum Computing

Research Spotlight: Ionizing hydrogen with a Kit-Kat? Not quite. But Dr. Dorland gives a lesson in plasma physics -- what we know and what we're trying to find out. <<more>>

Maryland Day Is A Success 60,000 people visit the campus for a day of education & fun.

Don't miss the wrap-up and the photos of all the fun <<more>>


Physics Phun Phact

What's a Punkin' Chunkin' Terp?

Click here for the answer!



Center for Superconductivity scientists show us that entangled states between two quantum bits exist, proving that quantum computing is possible <<more>>

Dr. Gates Wins the University's Minority Achievement Award

Dr. Gates is recognized for his hard work in minority recruitment <<more>>

Alumni Spotlight:
Christine Chalk talks about how a UM Physics education led her to a career at the Department of Energy

Distinguished University Professor Ellen Williams
has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences <<more>>








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