2005 Graduates

Candidates for Undergraduate Degrees:The bachelor's degree represents the completion of a four-year course of college-level study and is the oldest academic degree awarded by American Institutions of higher learning. Maryland Agricultural College, which later became the University of Maryland, College Park, awarded its first Bachelor of Science in 1862.

August 2005

Lewis Roland Evans IV

December 2005

Erick Fernando Andrade

Brian Andrew Bryce

Stephen Jonathan Colodner

Ninad Jog

Christle Iline Marshall

William Thomas Scruggs

Julia Cheek Young

Master's Degree: The master's degree is an academic honor bestowed upon students who have successfully completed work beyond the baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral examination are usually required.

August 2005

Chad Ryan Jarvis

Robert A. Lunsford

 December 2005

Jonghee Lee

Chad Mitchell

Christopher Osborne

John Pretz

Joseph Marion Tuggle

Young Soo Yoon

Doctor's Degree: The doctor's degree represents the most advanced earned degree conferred by American Institutions. There are two distinct types: the practioner's degree and the research degree.

August 2005

Yuanzhen Chen
( Searching for Entangled Electron Spin States with Shot Noise Detection)

Dragos Constantin
(Flux Compactification of M-Theory on Compact Manifolds with Spin Holonomy)

Magdalena Constantin
( Persistence and Survival Aspects of Fluctuation Phenomena in Surfaces)

Dan Dakin
(Hadronic Interactions in Large N_c QCD: Studies in Excited Baryon Decays and Scattering Relations)

Arseni O. Goussev
(Dynamics of Wave Packets in the Quantum Lorentz Gas)

Min-Young Kim
(Delay Induced Instabilities in Coupled Semiconductor Lasers and Mackey-Glass Electronic Circuits)

Matthew D. La Haye
(The Radio-Frequency Single- Electron Transistor Displacement Detector)

David C. Noyes
(A Source for Short Duration Very High Energy Emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts)

Guido Pupillo
(Confined Ultracold Bosons in One Dimensional Optical Lattices)

Elizabeth A. Rogers
(Synchronization of High Dimension Dynamical Systems)

Ikuro Sato
(Lattice QCD Simulations of Baryon Spectra and Development of Improved Interpolatinf Field Operators

Antonio C. Silva
(Application of Physics to Finance and Economics: Returns, Trading Activity and Income)

Kenneth A. Snyder
(Energy Localization and Transport in Binary Isotopically Disordered Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Chains)

Dan F. Sullivan
(The Low Temperature Magnetoconducatance of Delta-Doped Silicon)

Cevat Ustun
(Improving Genome Assembly)

David Wren
(Detecting High Energy Emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts with EGRET and GLAST)

Xing Zheng
(Statistics of Impedance and Scattering Matrices in Microwave Chaotic Cavities: The Random Coupling Model)

December 2005

Todd H. Brintlinger
(Carbon Nanotube Devices: Growth, Imaging and Electronic Properties)

Kenton R. Brown
(Measurements of Charge Motion in Silicon with a Single Electron Transistor: Toward)

Dmytro Kovalskyi
(Search for Physics beyond the Standard Model Using Measurements of CP Violating Asymmetries in Rare B Decays)

William D. Linch III
(On Superspace Dimensional Reduction)

Carlos A. Sanchez
(Towards Single Shot Measurements of a Cooper Pair Box Qubit Using an RF-SET)

Ron Skupsky
(Distinguishing Modes of Eukaryotic Gradient Sensing)

Jianshou Wu
(High Power Nonlinear Propagation of Laser Pulses in Tenuous Gases and Plasma Channels)

December 22, 2005