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Karrie Sue Hawbaker

COLLEGE PARK, MD - (July 15, 2002) - The University of Maryland Department of Physics has launched two new research centers, the Center for Condensed Matter Theory and the Center for String and Particle Theory.

The Condensed Matter Theory Center ( will conduct extensive research in condensed matter theory, an area of physics that has fundamental significance and high-technology applications. CMTC will also host distinguished lectures by prominent researchers and organize small research workshops on important topics. This new center is supported by the University of Maryland and the Laboratory for Physical Sciences (LPS.)

Research in condensed matter spawned developments such as microelectronics, which is used in computers, phones and electronic products.

"We look forward to the numerous discovery possibilities that exist for expanded research in a field of physics with so many interesting phenomena and exciting applications," said Dr. Sankar Das Sarma, Distinguished University Professor and Director of the Condensed Matter Theory Center.

The University of Maryland Physics Department's Condensed Matter research group is one of the top ten in the nation, according to the 2003 U.S. News and World Report rankings.

The Center for String and Particle Theory was developed to advance mathematical and theoretical physics through research in superstring/M-theory, theoretical particle physics and theoretical and mathematical physics. The center will also host lectures from distinguished physicists and small research workshops.

"The goal of Particle Physics research is to answer the question 'How is this universe built at its simplest level?'" said Dr. S. James Gates, John S. Toll Professor of Physics and Director of the Center for String and Particle Theory at the University of Maryland. "The University, the Department and this new center are all committed to answering that question with research that will advance knowledge and through that technology and the quality of human life."

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