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New ICPE Members

Successful elections for the 1999-2001 ICPE membership were held during the IUPAP meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in March 1999.

The new officers and members of the ICPE are:

Chairman: J. Sahm (Germany)

Vice-Chairman : S.S. Krotov (Russia)

Secretary: E.F. Redish (U.S.A.)

Members: E.W. Hamburger (Brazil), T. Hyodo (Japan), E. McFarland (Canada), J. M. Ogborn (U.K.) S-J Pak (Korea), M.G. Séré (France), J.R. Seretlo (South Africa), G. Tibell (Sweden), M. Vincentini (Italy) and K-H Zhao (China).

The term of the associate members , which includes E. Lillethun (Norway), M.A. Moreira (Brazil), S. W. Raither (UNESCO) and V. M. Talisayon (Philippines) ends in year 2000.