Conway's Game of Life

This game follows the age old Conway rules for life. You can populate the board randomly or draw your own pattern with the mouse (it should work with "touch" on an iPhone or iPad). A single click will toggle the cell on/off, a moving mouse will draw the mouse trail.

You can also start with a blank board, and increase the random cell creation probability (slider below the canvas board) until life spontaneously starts. You might find that you have to crank the probability up high to get life to start, but then you can ease off and it will sustain itself nicely.

The slider on the bottom allows you to change the y-max value in the plot. (On an iOS device, this only works in landscape mode, so rotate and refresh if you did not start out that way!)
Drew Baden, 2018

100ms Plot? Show Grid? 50x50

Cell creation probability:       0      
Progression ymax value for plot: 1