Here are some pointers to good stuff

Classical is Cool

Bunch of stuff here - hotlinks, etc.

CDs of Classical Music from Classics World
A pretty good selection, you can order over the net

Classical Music
A pretty comprehensive list of pointers to all sorts of stuff (e.g. the Boston Chamber Ensemble, Baroque gopher page, Scarlatti's harpsicord exercises, S.F.Symphony home page, CD catalogs, etc)

RCA Rictor's Greatest Hits
Classical Music from RCA Victor from Bach to Wagner

All kinds of stuff, CD-ROMs for multimedia, and lots of music stuff too. You choose MAC, PC, or UNIX and then search for what you're interested in.

Pointers from Europe
From England....things like Classical Music Resources in London, and Instrument Suppliers from around the World...

More pointers!
From David Dickerson, whoever that is! (But he must be ok, lots of great stuff here!)

Classical Net
Classical Net Home Page, has "Basic Repertoire LIst", Classical CD Buying Guide", "Recommended Classical CDs", "Composer Data", "Reviews and Articles", a searchable index, composer index, and so on. Pretty complete....

Classical Music Online
Another online resource - pretty good too!