Hcal sandwich mezzanine board Rev2

This board allows various tests including: HTR/SLB site connectivity; 100Base-Ethernet for Luminosity project; HCAL self-triggering for Slice test 2005; E/HCAL trigger link. The mezzanine board can be mounted on the HTR motherboard, on one of the SLB-posts. It allows to plug on top of it the Vitesse Receiver Mezzanine from the Wisconsin RCT group. This card is used for many projects...see below

General Purpose - Spying and monitoring


V2P Project FPGAversionN
(decimal, on reg 3)
Sandwich2_v1.zip 0001
Spying HTR TP data at 80MHz. Monitor clocks, BC0's, BCN.
Sandwich2_v3.zip 0003 Spying HTR TP data at 80MHz, spying vitesse (how) via the Local Bus (NB: Xilinx on the HTR motherboard is not required). Monitor clocks, BC0's, BCN. LVDS out (pulse or level), breathing LED. BUG: Vitesse RefClk is 160MHz instead of 120MHz. Fixed in Bat904 only.
Sandwich2_v7.zip 0007 Version for HTR production test bench.


"Self Triggering" Project

This stuff is for the "self triggering" project, to use these "sandwich" boards to make a trigger using HCAL. The intent is to use this in P5 during the Magnet/Cosmic tests in late 2005/early 2006.


Self-Triggering Project File to load FPGAversionN
s1.zip s1.bit 0x70001

"Sandwich" board for self-triggring, to be used with HTR version 0x70025. This is a test version of the firmware.


s2.bit  s2.mcs

0x70002 This is the version that should work (same as above with some debugging removed)
s4.zip s4.mcs 0x70004 Send L1A out the other LVDS spigot instead of the TTC test signal


Address Bits Name R/W Comments
0x0 16 CntrReg RW

Control register, bits are:

  • Bit 0 = level, can use this for VME setting of the 2 differential outputs as a level (VME_LVDSout)
  • Bit 11 = enable using TTC commands (e.g. for Start, Stop)
0x1 16 Test R Should be 'hFFFFF
0x2 16 Test R Should be 'h0
0x3 16 Firmware Version R Should be 0x7nnn where nnn is the revision number (7 means "test")
0x10 16 Status Reg R

Status register, bits are:

  • Bit 1 = run status
  • Bit 3 = TTC_DLL_lock (comes from the DCM which deals with the "TTC" clock from the TTCrx)
  • Bits 10:8 = counter to reset DCM for the TTC stuff
0x18 8 LastTTCcommand R The last TTC command seen
0x20-2F 16 TTC test R Counts how many times we have seen TTC command 0-F
0x35 10 SpyFIFO 1 R Read data from TPG set 1 (1st on TOP) {empty,TPG[9:0]}
0x36 10 SpyFIFO 2 R Read data from TPG set 2(2nd on TOP) {empty,TPG[9:0]}
0x37 10 SpyFIFO 3 R Read data from TPG set 3 (3rd on TOP) {empty,TPG[9:0]}
0x38 10 SpyFIFO 4 R Read data from TPG set 4 (4th on TOP) {empty,TPG[9:0]}
0x39 10 SpyFIFO 5 R Read data from TPG set 5 (1st on BOTTOM) {empty,TPG[9:0]}
0x3A 10 SpyFIFO 6 R Read data from TPG set 6 (2nd on BOTTOM) {empty,TPG[9:0]}
0x3B 10 SpyFIFO 7 R Read data from TPG set 7 (3rd on BOTTOM) {empty,TPG[9:0]}
0x3C 10 SpyFIFO 8 R Read data from TPG set 8 (4th on BOTTOM) {empty,TPG[9:0]}
0x3D 16 TTC cnt R Counts TTC clocks since last soft reset if run status is START
0x3E 16 RXClk cnt R Counts clocks from RX_CLK since last soft reset if run status is START
0x40 16 RXBC0 cnt R Counts number of RX_BC0 seen
0x61 16 WriteOnlyCntrReg W

Write only control register, bits are:

  • Bit 0 = Hard reset
  • Bit 1 = Start
  • Bit 2 = Stop
  • Bit 3 = Soft reset
  • Bit 4 = N/A
  • Bit 5 = VME_LVDSout pulse (see above if you want to use this as a level)
0x71 16 TPSpyFifo Status R {TPSpyFifoFull[8:1],TPSpyFifoEmpty[8:1]}


- 18 Mar 2005: received 2+ boards assembled by Compunetix; verified LocalBus, TTC, spy of data, clocks and BC0s from HTR; LVDS outputs seem ok on a scope.
- summer 2005: 6 boards used for testing of HTR production (All OK).
- 2005: assembled more boards for a total of ~20 boards.
- 13 Apr 2007 (Bat904): found that some boards do not work (can't program the PROM over JTAG). Found that they have the regulators U8 and U20 switched in the assembly. They are SN WVVQ1-003; WVVQ1-005; WVVQ2-003; WVVQ2-004. They are probably the 2nd batch of boards assembled, that were shipped to Cern without being tested at UMD. DB, TG.
- 16 Apr 2007: switched the regulators U8 and U20 switched on SN WVVQ1-003; WVVQ1-005; WVVQ2-003; WVVQ2-004. DK, TG.
Now the boards have power LEDs correct, they can get the PROM programmed, the get configured at power-up (with version 3). Can do LocalBus access, but LocalData[15:12] always return 0, for all boards and all registers tested; the problem remains unchanged on different HTR motherboards, on different VME slots, on different SLB posts and with different mezzanine firmware versions (3 and 7). LocalData[11:0] are correct. Not understood.
- 16 May 2007: WVVQ2-004 does not answer to JTAG. The other 8 mezzanines in B904 show the problem reported on 16Apr2007. TG
- 10 Jul 2007: found that the problem reported on 16 Apr (LocalData[15:12] always return 0) is a software effect. It appears using the SLB/read command of htr.cc (version 2007APR12-v0), but it does not appear using the HLX/read command. TG.

Tullio Grassi - Apr 2007
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