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(Overview Posters)
The University of Maryland NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Center

University of Maryland - Center of Scanned Probes Innovation

NSF - Nanotechnology Interdisciplinary Research Team: Dynamics of Structure and Charge at the Molecular Scale
M.S. Fuhrer, C. J. Lobb, I. Lyubinetsky, E. D. Williams Dept. of Physics,
L. Sita, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry

(Regular Posters)
Natural specificity between biomolecules and inorganic surfaces at the nanoscale
Steven Lower, Geology

Nanoporous Enzyme Enhanced Devices
A. David, A. Yang, Chemical Engineering

Synthesis of nanophase Silver Particles using an Aerosol Reactor
L. Zhang, M. B. Ranade and J. W. Gentry, Chemical Engineering

Template-Mediated Zeolite Nanoparticle Synthesis
L. Khatri, M. T. Harris, and M. Z.-C. Hu, Chemical Engineering

Synthesis of Monodisperse Metal Nanoarticles for Use as Standard Materials
J.H. Kim, S.H.Ehrman, T.A. Germer, G.W. Mulholland, Chemical Engineering

Investigating the Influence of Inorganic Nanoparticles on Microbial Cellular Health.
D.N.Williams, T.R. Pulliam-Holoman, S.H. Ehrman, Chemical Engineering

Noncovalent Synthesis: Highly-Ordered and Functional Nanostructures from Simple Molecular Building Blocks
Vladimir Sidorov, Frank Kotch, Mike Shi, James Fettinger and Jeffery Davis
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Hydrophobic Self-Assembly
Lyle Isaacs, Arindam Chakraborty, Anxin Wu, Jason Lagona, and Dariusz Witt
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Directing Interface Reactions toward Nanostructure Formation
Janice Reutt-Robey, Konrad Thuermer, Diane Evans, and Hui Li
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Molecular Rulers - Tools for the Nanoworld
Robert Walker, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Ferrocene-Based Nanoelectronics
Chaiwat Engtrakul and Lawrence R. Sita, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Unusual Morphologies of Novel Microphase-Separated Polyolefin Block Copolymers as Revealed by Phase-Sensitive Tapping Mode AFM
David Henningsen and Lawrence R. Sita, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Structure and Bonding of Transition Metal Polystannide Nanoclusters
Banu Kesanli and Bryan Eichhorn, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Novel Soft Chemical Routes to Metastable Titanates
Serpil Gonen and Bryan Eichhorn, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Soft Chemical Routes to Metastable Nanomaterials
K. Ramesha, Chad Stoltz, Scott Sirchio and Bryan Eichhorn, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Design and Analysis of Hyperstable Protein-DNA Loops and Nanostructures
Michael Morgan, Laurence Edelman, Raymond Cheong, Ruchi Mehta, and Jason Kahn, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Probing Nanoscopic Environments with Single Molecule Spectroscopy
Doug English, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Scanning Electric-Field Microscopy using a Single-Electron Transistor Sensor
D. Tobias, H. Paik, C. J. Lobb, and F. Wellstood, CSR

Nanoelectronics research
Prof. C.H. Yang, Graduate research assistants: T.H. Chang, K.A. Cheng, Greg. Jones, Anita Bhushan, Akshay Naik, Arun Mampazhy, Makeswaran Loganathan, and Changyi Li, Electrical Engineering

Nanoscale phenomena in ferroelectrics
R. Ramesh, MRSEC and Materials Science

Broadband dynamics in ferroelectrics and dielectrics:
R. Ramesh, MRSEC and Materials Science

Crystalline oxides on silicon
R. Ramesh, Materials Science and Engineering

Nanometer Scale Crystal Analysis Using Near-Field Optical Second Harmonic Microscopy
I.I. Smolyaninov, H.Y. Liang, C.H. Lee, R. Ramesh and C.C. Davis, MRSEC and Electrical Engineering

Imaging Spatial Variations in Current Density near Defects in Wires
R. Yongsunthon and E.D. Williams, MRSEC and Physics

Structural Fluctuations at the Nanoscale
D. Dougherty, I. Lyubinetsky, T.L. Einstein and E.D. Williams, MRSEC and Physics

Topographical Contrast In Very Low Energy Electron Microscopy (VLEEM)
H.-C. Kan and R.J. Phaneuf, MRSEC and LPS

Electronic Phase Separation in doped antiferromagnets: Nanoscale Engineering of Material Properties
Tom Wu, Eric Li, Z. Chen, J. J. Li, W. L. Cao, Y. Zhao, R. P. Sharma, S. B. Ogale, Chi Li, R. L. Greene, T. Venkatesan, A. J. Millis, MRSEC and CSR

Oxide based superlattices : Opportunities and Bottlenecks
S. B. Ogale, S. R. Shinde and T. Venkatesan, MRSEC and CSR

Nanoscale Phase separation in ultrathin films of manganites
Amalan Biswas, R. L. Greene et al., MRSEC and CSR

A new solid state memory design: Ballistic Nanocontact Magnetic Random Access Memory Device"
R.D. Gomez, LPS and Electrical Engineering

"UHV MFM/STM study of in situ structured Cobalt films on Silicon (001)"
M.Dreyer and R.D. Gomez, LPS and Electrical Engineering

Near Field Optical Microscopy for Materials Science
H.D. Drew, Ben Palmer, Paul Kolb, and Danilo Romero, LPS and Physics

Investigation of Cooper-Pair box for quantum computing
K. Schwab and M. Mannheimer, LPS

Quantum behavior in nanomechanical systems
K. Schwab, LPS

Fabrication and Modification of Au Nanodots on Ultrathin Silicon Oxide Layers
J.-Y. Park and R. J. Phaneuf, LPS and Materials Science

Spatially Resolved Spectra And Energetically Resolved Photoelectron Images Of Pn-Junctions on Si
R. J. Phaneuf and H.C. Kan, LPS and Materials Science

A nanofabricated scanning thermal probe
K. Edinger, LIBRA and Electrical Engineering

Radio Frequency Single Electron Transistor Readout Amplifiers for Superconducting Detectors of Submillimeter to X-ray Wavelengths
Thomas Stevenson, Carl Stahle, Mary Li (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center),Rob Schoelkopf and Dan Prober (Yale University).

Investigation of a Non-catalytic Carbon Nanotube Growth Method
Jeannette Benavides, Rachel Zimet, Jesse Marzullo and Shannon Hozic, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Mechanical Behavior of Nanoscale Materials: Subtitle: Modeling/simulation and Experimental Characterization
A. Dasgupta, CALCE (UMD), P. Sharma (GE CRD) and B. Han, CALCE, (UMD)

"Design and theory of carbon nanotube diodes"
by Gary Pnnington & Neil Goldsman, ECE Depatment.

Participating Units at The University of Maryland:
Center for Superconductivity Research
Department of Chemical Engineering
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Department of Geology
Department of Materials & Nuclear Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Physics
Institute for Physical Science & Technology (IPST)
Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics (IREAP)
Institute for Systems Research (ISR)
Materials Research Science & Engineering Center (MRSEC)
And Neighboring Government Laboratories:
Laboratory for Physical Science
NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center