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8:30 AM Arrival, Registration, & Refreshments Lobby of Atrium-Stamp Student Union (SSU)
9:10 AM Welcoming Remarks: Chuan Liu & Ellen Williams Tortuga Room -Stamp Student Union
9:30 AM Dr. John Melngailis: Nanofabrication and
Tortuga Room -Stamp Student Union
10:00 AM Dr. Peter Kofinas: Inorganic--Organic
Tortuga Room -Stamp Student Union
10:30 AM Coffee Break Atrium-Stamp Student Union
11:00 AM Dr. Michael Fuhrer: Imaging, Sensing, and
Computing at the Nanometer Scale
Tortuga Room -Stamp Student Union
11:30 AM Dr. Gottlieb Oehrlein: Materials Science
and Engineering Aspects of
Nanostructures and Nanomaterials
Tortuga Room -Stamp Student Union
12:00 PM Dr. Lawrence Sita: Nanostructured and
Bio-inspired Materials through Self-Assembly
Tortuga Room -Stamp Student Union
12:30 PM Lunch Atrium-Stamp Student Union
12:30 PM Poster Session Atrium-Stamp Student Union
1:15 PM LPS Van Arrives & All Lab Tour Guides arrive Lobby of Atrium-Stamp Student Union (SSU)
1:30 PM Organize/Walk Atrium-Stamp Student Union
1:45 PM Lab Tour 1 Various
2:30 PM Organize/Walk Atrium-Stamp Student Union
2:45 PM Lab Tour 2 Various
3:00 PM Poster Session Shuts Down Atrium-Stamp Student Union
3:30 PM Organize/Walk Atrium-Stamp Student Union
3:45 PM Lab Tour 3 Various
4:30 PM LPS Tour Arrives Back Lobby of Atrium-Stamp Student Union (SSU)
4:30 PM Coffee & Collaborating Tortuga Room -Stamp Student Union



Participating Units at The University of Maryland:
Center for Superconductivity Research
Department of Chemical Engineering
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Department of Geology
Department of Materials & Nuclear Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Physics
Institute for Physical Science & Technology (IPST)
Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics (IREAP)
Institute for Systems Research (ISR)
Materials Research Science & Engineering Center (MRSEC)
And Neighboring Government Laboratories:
Laboratory for Physical Science
NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center