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Celebrate Einstein's Magical Year With Us!

As part of the international World Year of Physics 2005 celebration, the University of Maryland Department of Physics commemorates the 100-year anniversary of Albert Einstein's “miraculous year.” In 1905, Einstein published three papers on his groundbreaking theories of light quanta, Brownian motion and special relativity. These theories changed the world of physics forever, opening the door to myriad exciting ideas that physicists continue to explore today. With events designed for a variety of audiences, we're honoring these extraordinary scientific contributions.

Below you'll find a list of scheduled events. Please be sure to check back with us frequently, as we'll be adding events to the schedule throughout the year.

Celebrating Einstein's Magical Year, 1905:
Distinguished Lecture Series for the World Year of Physics

Distinguished physicists from across the country come to the University of Maryland for a special series of lectures addressing a variety of topics, including Einstein's legacy as well as innovative research that was borne from Einstein's work a century ago.

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Physics from Einstein to the Ends of Time
Smithsonian Institute Associate Resident Program Lecture Series
University of Maryland Professors Jordan Goodman, Michael E. Fisher, Thomas Cohen, Nicholas Hadley, Theodore Jacobson, S. James Gates and William Phillips (1997 Nobel Laureate) are presenting a special lecture series on "Physics from Einstein to the Ends of Time" for the Smithsonian Institute's Associate Resident Program. In celebration of the World Year of Physics, they will collectively provide course participants with an overview of current topics in the field of physics.

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Eyes on the Sky: Peeking into the Universe's Past, Fathoming the Future
NASA-Goddard presents a public lecture series featuring some of the world's leading scientists and NASA's cutting edge scientific endeavors. Speakers include University of Maryland Professors S. James Gates and Theodore Jacobson.

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For more information about the international World Year of Physics celebration, please click here.

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