Security Working Group
International Workshop on Neutrinos and Subterranean Science
September 19-21, 2002
Washington, DC


Kem Robinson
Phone: 510-486-6327

Frank Hartmann,
Max Planck Inst Heidelberg
Phone: 49-(0) 6221-516-527/476

The President's FY2003 National Science Foundation budget request to Congress called for an NSF-sponsored conference to address underground science (particularly neutrino physics). This working group will organize the meeting's parallel sessions on the direct use of subterranean science facilities for security and non-proliferation applications.

Agenda for the Security Working Group

Goals of the Security Working Group:
By the conclusion of NeSS2002, the Security Working Group will identify a required set of characteristics for facilities at a subterranean science and engineering facility that will foster applications to security and nonproliferation research. It is likely that the focus will mainly be on low-background counting, but other areas of direct application of a subterranean science and engineering facility that can coexist with its primary science goals are also strongly encouraged.

Technologies developed for many of the detectors and analysis developed for the subterranean science experiments will likely have ancillary applications in areas of security and non-proliferation. However, the application of such spin-off technology is beyond the scope of this working group and more suitable for the more in depth investigations being performed by other bodies such as the National Academy of Engineering

If you would like to participate and/or present a talk in one of the Security Working Group sessions please submit an abstract via e-mail to either of the working group leaders. The present schedule has an initial separate parallel session, one joint parallel session with the working group on double beta decay discussing low background counting on Friday morning and an optional third separate evening session if required. A final separate parallel session on Saturday morning will be spent in finalizing the requirement set and findings. These will be presented at the concluding plenary session.

We encourage your participation in an area where, in addition to the fundamental science that a subterranean neutrino science facility will address, such a facility can make a contribution in the security, safety and peace of the nation and the world.