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From the Moon to Mars and Beyond: Science at the Frontier

Jim Garvin
Chief Scientist
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


NASA's Vision for Space Exploration has begun in earnest, offering new space-faring capabilities that will enable science that will extend the science frontier beyond where it is today.  Starting with the legacy of Hubble, and soon to be followed by a renewed exploration of the Earth's Moon, NASA is embarking on a new future.  This future embraces the ongoing scientific reconnaissance of Mars, our home Planet, the deeper Universe, and human exploration of deep space, beginning with the Moon.  Some new perspectives of the Moon and Mars and the prospects for opening a new frontier for science will be presented in all-video format.  The journey has begun and all are invited to participate in a grand opening of the accessible Universe!

Short Biographical Sketch
Dr. James Garvin is the Chief Scientist for NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and provides strategic advice on the scientific priorities and directions for the Center to its senior management, as well as for the Agency. Born in a blizzard in Poughkeepsie, New York, Dr. Garvin has been fascinated with the Moon, Mars, rocks, and science ever since his earliest childhood.  Mesmerized by desert landscapes of the Middle East and Australia during his time abroad as a child, his fascination with the natural world embraced the space frontier. He got his Ph.D. in planetary geological sciences from Brown University and came to NASA Goddard in 1984. His 22 year career as a NASA scientist has spanned such disciplines as Earth system science, Mars Exploration, lunar exploration, Venus, asteroids, and the outer planets. Dr. Garvin has served in several key leadership positions at NASA. Prior to assuming the role of chief scientist at Goddard, he was NASA’s chief scientist serving the agency and the administrator as the primary advisor for the entire NASA science portfolio.  Dr. Garvin has received two NASA Outstanding Leadership medals for developing the highly successful science strategy behind the current Mars Exploration Program, and for the formulation of the science role of the Mars Exploration Rover mission. He is also the recipient of the 2004 William Rogers Award for his outstanding contributions to society.

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