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Recent Media Coverage of Experimental Nuclear Physics

Carter Hall's 2007 Story of Double Beta Decay in the Physics Department Newsletter ("The Photon")

Here's the link...

G0 forward angle results described in the Economistin 2006

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The Pion form factor at JLab

Here's a story about the pion form factor, Tanja Horn's thesis experiment, that was JLab's front page story in early 2007.

The Incredible Shrinking Nucleus
    Objects in nucleus may be smaller than they appear. At least, that's what a paper in the 5 March PRL suggests. The authors measured the decay of a lithium isotope that had at its core a lambda particle, a neutron with one of its two down quarks replaced by a strange quark, and found that the nucleus had shrunk.  The lambda particle travels to the center of the nucleus and acts to bind it more tightly together. This experiment is one of the first to give physicists a look at interactions of such strange nucleons inside the nucleus.

For the full story check these sources:

"The Incredible Shrinking Nucleus", Physical Review Focus, 1 March 2001.
Measurement of the B(E2) of Lambda7Li and Shrinkage of the Hypernuclear Size
Phys. Rev. Lett. 86, 1982 (5 March 2001)


For more news on Experimental Nuclear Physics, visit the preprints e-archive of the Los Alamos laboratory.



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