Data Analysis Task Schedule for JLab 91-011

    Our goal for the next several months is to perform a first-pass extraction of the helicity-dependent response functions in time for the DNP meeting in October.  The outline below lists most of the analysis tasks that have been identified so far and assigns persons to them.  If two people are listed, the first has primary responsibility for the task, while the second is a consultant that should provide guidance and expertise.  The goal is a target date chosen to ensure that the first-pass analysis will be ready in time for the DNP meeting.  The completion date will be entered when a report becomes available.

    A report should be written on each task or closely related group of tasks.  Ideally these reports should explain both the principles and the results in sufficient detail not only to be useful to the collaboration but to provide drafts of the relevant sections of the developing Ph.D theses.  The reports should contain tables and figures wherever appropriate.  Much of this information will be needed later for talks, theses, and, ultimately publications.  If we take the time to carefully document the progress of the analysis, later writing will be easier, the collaboration will be better informed, and discussions of the outstanding issues should be more efficient.  When a report is ready, send the URL to and it will be linked to the appropriate item.

Optics calibration

persons goal date task status or URL
Jones 8-Aug 11-Aug survey data survey report
Chai 8-Aug   bpm calibration mostly done, needs report
Roche 15-Aug 2-Nov pointing mispointing report
Chai,Krishni 15-Aug   detector offsets  
Chai,Krishni     FPP alignment mostly done, needs report
Jones,Nilanga 15-Aug   beta optimization, tc_cor  
      hadron arm  

    ytgt, theta, phi optimization

mostly done, needs report
Roche,Nilanga         delta scan  
      electron arm  
Chai,Nilanga         ytgt, theta, phi optimization mostly done, needs report
Roche,Nilanga         delta scan  
Jones, Roche   21-Sep databases notes, current list:
Mitchell 5-Aug   compilation of energy measurements  

Cross section analysis

persons goal date task status or URL
Jones   1-Sep bcm calibration
Roche 5-Aug 2-Nov luminosity vs. current, stability of monitor luminosity report
Roche   13-Feb trigger efficiency scintillator efficiency report
Jones,Michaels 15-Aug 8-Aug deadtime issues draft:
          detailed diagram for trigger, with timing and widths  
          model of electronic and computer dead times  
          procedure for binning dead time versus strobe rate  
          analysis of electronic dead time data
          comparison of trigger types  
Roche,Jones 15-Sep 6-Oct particle ID needs report
          optimize beta versus ADC  
          test ADC1 versus ADC2  
          rejection of protons by aerogel  
          electron ID  
Chai,Jones 15-Sep   VDC efficiency single track for DNP, multiple later
          wire efficiency  
          multiple tracks  
          reconstruction efficiency  
          rate dependencies  
Chai,Jones 20-Sep   acceptance issues  
          aperture model  
          compare acceptances, distributions with Monte Carlo  
        elastic cross sections  
          pion production with and without collimators  
Roche 30-Sep   stability needs report
          compare run periods  
          dependence upon current  

Beam polarization

persons goal date task status
Escoffier     time dependence  
      systematic errors  
    6-Oct difference between h+ and h-? insignificant
      comparison with Moller  
      results from spin dance  

Recoil polarization

persons goal date task status
      FPP efficiency  
Chai,Brash     false asymmetry false_asymmetry_report
          dependence on delta  
          Monte Carlo model  
Roche     background  
Roche     sensitivity to current asymmetry  
Roche     database of polarization measurements  
Jones 15-Sep   polarization of radiative tail  
Strauch     feasibility of traceback to target  

Response functions

persons goal date task status
Jones 30-Aug   debug fitting procedure for phi dependence at FPP  
Jones 30-Aug   expand procedure to include more response functions  
Kelly 10-Sep   finish analysis of sensitivity to multipoles  
Kelly 1-Sep 22-Sep obtain SAID multipoles available in epiprod version 4.2
Chai,Roche 30-Sep   extract response functions from data first pass, helicity dependent, for DNP
Jones,Kelly     iterate Monte Carlo  

Multipole analysis

persons goal date task status
Chai,Kelly     determine which can be extracted  
Chai,Kelly     sensitivity to systematic errors  
      dependence upon W, Q2  
      comparison with theory  



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