Data Tables for Proton-Nucleus Scattering

James J. Kelly

The data tables listed here were compiled as part of research conducted either by my group or by groups with whom I have collaborated closely. Each table includes references to published or unpublished reports that provide all necessary details of the experimental conditions and analysis. The file names encode both the nuclide and the proton kinetic energy. For example, 88Sr200.TAB tabulates data for scattering of 200 MeV protons by strontium-88. Each file contains data for both elastic and inelastic scattering. The final state is identified by the reaction q-value (here equal to the negative of excitation energy) and by a label which encodes either the excitation or the multipolarity, if known. Multipolarities are coded in the form JXN where J is the spin for even-mass targets or twice the spin for odd-mass targets, X=P for positive or X=M for negative parity, and N is an index (1,2,3 ...) identifying the first, second, or higher state of that multipolarity. Please refer to the publications for further details.

The tables give differential cross sections in units of mb/sr. Laboratory and center-of-mass angles (THETAL and THETAC) are given in degrees and the c.m. momentum transfers (Q) are given in fm-1

Last updated: Apr. 14, 1997