JJKLIB: library of Fortran routines

James J. Kelly
Department of Physics
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742 USA

JJKLIB is a library of Fortran routines used by many of my programs, including LEA and EPIPROD.  I begain collecting this library in 1979 and make frequent additions and revisions.

The current version was posted July 15, 2004.

Installation instructions

The source files are provided in the form of a self-extracting archive file. The files were archived using tar, compressed with gzip, and encoded using uuencode. On unix systems, the following steps

  1. download jjklib.uu
  2. strip any mailer junk
  3. chmod 744 jjklib.uu
  4. jjklib.uu

will produce a set of source files in the current directory. The routines are written in nearly standard Fortran, except for the use of generic function names, and will compile under both Fortran 77 or Fortran 90. The present version is usually compiled by g77 and used on linux platforms. Previous versions have been used on VMS and AIX systems, but support for those systems is no longer provided.  To compile, simply type make or gmake in the directory containing the source files.


This material is distributed free of charge for research purposes and carries no express or implied warranties. You may install these routines and may make whatever modifications are required for any noncommercial application, provided that proper acknowledgment is given in custom versions and in publications, but support will be provided only for approved versions. Please notify me of any errors that are found or extensions that are needed.

Please report errors or problems to: James J. Kelly
Last revised: July 15, 2004