ALLFIT: lineshape fitting program for nuclear reactions

James J. Kelly
Department of Physics
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742 USA

ALLFIT is versatile lineshape fitting program that analyzes spectra for a large variety of nuclear reactions. It has been used at many laboratories to analyze spectra for electron scattering, proton scattering, (p,n) reactions, pion absorption, nucleon knockout by electron or proton scattering, and transfer reactions. The methods are quite general and the library routines have been used to produce custom versions for other applications, such as coincidence timing spectra or polarimeter data, also.


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Installation instructions (UNIX)

  1. Extract the files

    The source files are provided in the form of a self-extracting archive file. The files were archived using tar, compressed with gzip, and encoded using uuencode. On unix systems, the following steps

    1. download allfit.uu
    2. strip any mailer junk
    3. chmod 744 allfit.uu
    4. allfit.uu

    will produce a set of source files in the current directory and will create several subdirectories.

  2. Construct allfit_lib

    Execute make in the LIB subdirectory. You may need to modify Makefile for platform-dependent options.

  3. Make allfit.exe

    Execute make in the ALLFITdirectory. You may need to modify Makefile for platform-dependent options. If all goes well, you will now have an executable image allfit.exe.

  4. Check sample calculations

    A set of sample calculations is provided in the SAMPLES subdirectory. You will probably need to modify the scripts to contain the correct pathnames for the image and for data files, such as interactions. It may also be wise to save a copy of the sample input and output. Once your installation successfully reproduces the sample calculations, you will be ready to proceed.

Custom versions

Although many custom versions have been created for specific facilities, experiments, and data formats, most are no longer supported. One important exception is allfit_halla created by Paul Ulmer for use with data acquired in Hall A of Jefferson Lab. This version replaces the routines for reading standard platform-independent data formats with routines designed for the specialized data format employed at that facility. A distribution package and installation instructions are found at allfit_halla.


This material is distributed free of charge for research purposes and carries no express or implied warranties. You may install these routines and may make whatever modifications are required for any noncommercial application, provided that proper acknowledgment is given in custom versions and in publications, but support will be provided only for approved versions. Please notify me of any errors that are found or extensions that are needed.

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