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The LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) experiment

The LZ experiment is a WIMP dark matter search utilizing ten tonnes of liquefied xenon. We are located at SURF in Lead, SD. The experiment is currently being commissioned; first dark matter results are expected in 2022. Data taking is expected to continue for three to five years. The experiment builds upon the success of the LUX experiment, which operated at the same site between 2013 and 2016. Our group has played a leading role in both LUX and LZ. Besides the flagship dark matter search, LZ is also sensitive to a variety of other types of weak interaction phenomena, including neutrinoless double beta decay, solar neutrinos, solar axions, and rare nuclear decays.

There will be opportunities for new graduate students and undergraduate students to join our group in the next several years; contact me for more information.

Ph.D dissertations written by students in our group: