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Chad Mitchell, Ph.D. 2007.
Thesis: Calculation of Realistic Charged-Particle Transfer Maps. 

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Dan Abell, Ph.D. 1995.
Thesis: Analytic Properties and Cremona Approximation of Transfer Maps for Hamiltonian Systems. 

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David Douglas, Ph.D. 1982.
Thesis: Lie Algebraic Methods for Particle Accelerator Theory.

Etienne Forest, Ph.D. 1984.
Thesis: Lie Algebraic Methods for Charged Particle Beams and LightOptics.

Liam Healy, Ph.D. 1986.
Thesis: Lie Algebraic Methods for Treating Lattice Parameter Errors inParticle Accelerators.

Robert Ryne, Ph.D. 1987.
Thesis: Lie Algebraic Treatment of Space Charge.

Govindan Rangarajan, Ph.D. 1990.
Thesis: Invariants for Symplectic Maps and Symplectic Completion ofSymplectic Jets.

Rui Li, Ph.D. 1990.
Thesis: Analytic and Numerical Investigation of the LongitudinalCoupling Impedance.

Wen Hao Cheng, Ph.D. 1995.
Thesis: Beam Dynamics of the Alternating Phase Focusing Linac andDependence of the Penetration of Electromagnetic Fields

Through a Small Coupling Hole in aThick Wall on Frequency.

Shicheng Jiang, Ph.D. 1996.
Thesis: An Analytical and Numerical Investigation of the CouplingImpedance of Irises in a Beam Pipe.

Alexei Fedotov, Ph.D. 1997.
Thesis: Longitudinal Coupling Impedance of a Hole in the AcceleratorBeam Pipe at Finite Frequencies.

Marco Venturini, Ph.D. 1998.
Thesis: Lie Methods, Exact Map Computation, and the Problem ofDispersion in Space Charge Dominated Beams.

William Detlefs, M.S. (in Applied Math with Thesis) 1991.
Thesis: Longitudinal Coupling Impedance of a Thin Iris Collimator.

Patrick Roberts, M.S. 2000.
Scholarly Paper: Computation of Interior Vector Potential from MagneticField Boundary Values.

Maura Williams Roberts, M.S.2000
Scholarly Paper: Numerical Study of the Vlasov Equation in SphericalCoordinates.

Timothy Stasevich, M.S. 2001.
Scholarly Paper: Computation of Transfer Maps from Magnetic FieldBoundary Values.