PURPOSE: Demonstrate various illusions, some with motion.

DESCRIPTION: Collection of miscellaneous illusions as seen below. The illusion photographed above is called the "rotating wedge illusion."


Click for the:

Cafe Wall Illusion.

Black Dot Illusion

Color Name Illusion

Line and Block Illusion

Rotating Wedge Illusion

Frog and Horse Illusion

Purple Parallel Line Illusion

"Bulge" Parallel Line Illusion (Very Strong)

Liar or Face Illusion

Lovers or Dolphins Illusion

Spontaneous Motion Illusions

Link to website with three wonderful illusions

Optical illusion power point presentation

Weird spontaneously rotating illusions from Ritsumeikan University in Japan!

61 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena (Visual Illusion ∑ Optische Tšuschungen) by Michael Bach: a truly remarkable set of demonstrations with lots of action and excellent explanations. Great site!!

Michael Bach home page

Moving Pink Dot Illusion

Motion Induced Blindness (Michael Bach) with explanation from ScienCentral News article.

Mr Angry and Mrs Calm

Grand Illusions, from the Grand Illusions Toy Shop. (illusions and related articles)

Optical Illusions from Joe Schwartz, featuring several new variations on some old favorites.

Double Vision, a unique set of illusions in a PowerPoint Slide Show.

Slick Opposites Illusions

Animated Optical Illusion


Visual Tricks and Optical Illusions

Will You Be Tricked by These Illusions?

Fun Optical Illusions for Kids

Explore These Crazy Illusions

Different Types of Optical Illusions

Browse Through a Gallery of Illusions

Find the Real Images in These Optical Illusions

Try Some Interactive Optical Illusions

Mind-Boggling Illusions

Check Out Some Astonishing Optical Illusions!

Non-Moving Optical Illusions

Visual Phenomena & Optical Illusions

Eluzions Illusions

Brain Bashers Optical Illusions

Color Cube Optical Illusions

Mind Fake Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions and Pictures

REFERENCES: (PIRA unknown.) See Demonstration Reference File for further information and discussion.

EQUIPMENT: Computer with access to the world wide web.

SETUP TIME: 10 minutes.

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