PURPOSE: Plot graphs of x, v, and a for large-scale motion.

DESCRIPTION: The ultrasonic range detector and the Universal Laboratory Interface are used with a computer to plot graphs of position, velocity, and acceleration. Linear motion can be created by a person walking along a line in front of the ultrasonic ranger. A large piece of styrofoam sheet can be used as a reflector for the ultrasound, to keep the curves as smooth as possible. Graphs of x, v, and a can be easily displayed individually or in any combination.

The graphs of position and velocity are quite nice, but the acceleration can be a bit noisy, because it is obtained by differentiation of the position vs. time data. Try this before class.

SUGGESTIONS: See Question of the Week #342, #343 and #344 for information on using this demonstration to enhance class involvement.

REFERENCES: (PIRA 1C10.05) See Demonstration Reference File for ULI manuals and instructions.

EQUIPMENT: Macintosh or PC computer with Universal Laboratory Interface and Ultrasonic Ranger with styrofoam sheet.

SETUP TIME: 10 min.

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