University of Maryland Foundations and Frontiers of Physics
               Spring 2008

         An informal seminar for first year graduate students.

Wednesdays, 5pm in Phys1219.
Refreshments will be served in the Toll Room,
at 4:30pm before the talk.

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 30
Richard Berg
The Physics IQ test and the Lecture Demonstration facility
This seminar will be held in the Physics 1410 lecture hall.
Feb. 6
Tom Cohen

Creation of particle-antiparticle pairs by electric fields in vacuum  and in matter

Feb. 13 Julie McEnery & Steve Ritz, NASA/Goddard
Studying the high-energy universe with  the Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST)   (placeholder title)
Feb. 20
Zakaria Chacko
Symmetry as a Guide to New Physics
Feb. 27 Brad Conrad
Organic electronics and other random walks
Mar. 5 Alessandra Buonanno
Gravitational waves (placeholder title)
Mar. 12 Dan Lathrop

Singular implosions, explosions, and nonlinear collapse


Mar. 26 Michael Fuhrer
Graphene (placeholder title)
Apr. 2 Arpita Upadhyaya
Biophysics of cell movements
Apr. 9 Dennis Drew
High temperature superconductivity (placeholder title)
Apr. 16 TBA

Apr. 23 Johnpierre Paglione 
Massive electrons at ultra-low temperatures (placeholder title)
Apr. 30 Kaustubh Agashe
Extra dimensions and particle physics
May 7 Steve Rolston
AMO & JQI    (placeholder title)


Guidelines for speakers

TA:  Prabin Adhikari, Room  4219 Physics, Phone x56073,

Faculty organizers:
Dennis Drew, Room 2333, x56146,
Ted Jacobson, Room 4117, x56020,