Announcements for Physics 752 (Prof. Agashe) - Spring 2021


(0). For all homeworks, please read carefully the statements of problems, especially since notes/hints have been given in many places

and there are multiple parts to each problem.                           


(1). Incoming survey form (about your particle physics background, research interests etc.) is posted here.



(2). HWs up to # 10 have been assigned here (all HWs and term paper are due by May 21).



(3).  Solutions to some HW problems are posted here.


(4). HW (similarly survey, term paper) submission: please scan/take pictures of your hand-written HW (it does not have to be very high resolution) or (if you prefer)

just latex it, then upload a PDF file it on to ELMS here, navigate to Phys752 course, then "Assignments" etc.


(5). Plan for the ongoing several weeks of lectures (notes are here): we are currently studying QCD sector of the SM briefly: both theory and phenomenology

(after having a historical perspective).


In the last couple of lectures, we will discuss some ideas beyond SM, starting with motivation, then details of grand unified theory (GUT).


(6). Guidelines for term paper presentation/writing:


(a). For the presentation, you should use pre-written slides, either done by hand or typed (i.e., I prefer not to have "live" writing, 

just to save time: of course, any extra comments, e.g., in response to questions, can be added - on the fly - 

to the slides as needed).


(b). For the actual term paper (at least 10 pages long, single-spaced), latex/typed is (strongly) preferred.


(c). Each of you has been assigned 1 hour for presentation, consisting of about 45 min. of actual talk + 

~5 min. questions during talk + ~5 min. discussion after talk, with a gap of ~5 min. before the next presentation.


(7). Here is the term paper presentation schedule:


Monday, May 17:


10-11 am.: Speaker: Edward Broadberry  Topic: Renormalizability to all orders


11am.-noon: Alex Fernez , CP Violation


noon-1 pm.: Navya Gupta, Dark Matter


(lunch break: 1 to 2 pm.)


2-3 pm.: Emily Jiang, Dark Matter


3-4 pm: Ian Texieira, CFT


4-5 pm.: Eric Kubischta, Ads/CFT


Tuesday, May 18:


10-11 am.: Yihui Lai, Neutrino Mass


11am.-noon: Hyunwoo Oh, GUT


noon-1 pm.: Mekhala Paranjpe, Extra Dimensions


(lunch break: 1 to 2 pm.)


2-3 pm.: Pulkit GhoderaoExtra Dimensions


3-4 pm.: Isaac Pliskin, SUSY


4-5 pm.: Andrew Shaw, TBD


5-6 pm.: Siddharth TanejaTechnicolor



(6). Office hours are just after class or by appointment (same zoom link as lectures).