Announcements for Physics 752 (Prof. Agashe) - Spring 2020


(0). For all homeworks, please read carefully the statements of problems, especially since notes/hints have been given in many places

and there are multiple parts to each problem.                          


(1). HW 10 (last one!) has been assigned: all HWs are due by Monday, May 18: preferably earlier HWs should be submitted well before

May 18 (so that I have time to grade them!)


(2). HW submission: please scan/take pictures of your HW (it does not have to be high resolution), then upload it on to

the Dropbox folder (in the respective sub-folders, marked by HW #).


[You should have gotten access to it (see email from Dropbox), but let me know if there are any issues with this process (including if there's

no space or if you are not able to scan/take pictures of HW).]


(3). Term paper: it is Ok even if your term paper is "related" to your Ph.D. research (in fact, it will be nice if the 2 "complement"

each other, e.g., term paper is more model-building vs.Ph.D. research is about signals/phenomenology), but please make

sure that there is not too much overlap here, i.e., the main idea is for you all to learn/do something new (in this sense,

it will be even better if your term paper is on a topic which is really different than your Ph.D. research!).


(a). Presentation: I will assign 1 hour slot to each of you, which includes talk (say, 45 or 50 minutes,

including some questions), followed by discussion/more questions (about 5-10 minutes); then, about 5 minute break (including

for "setting-up" etc.) before the next one.


We can have these on May 18 (Monday) and 19 (Tuesday), roughly 6 on each day: so, from 

(say) 10 am. to about 1 pm., followed by lunch break till (say) 2 pm., then continue till about 5 pm.). This plan will 

make it 2 quite busy days (!), but I think well worth it, since we will all be exposed to a variety of 

ideas (mostly BSM).


(b). Submission: actual term paper (~15 pages long) will be due on May 20 (Wednesday), i.e., day after 

the talks (which is also the last day of final exams), just in case you would like to modify 

the term paper based on your presentation.


(4). Plan for last 2 weeks of lectures: QCD phenomenology and Beyond SM (see notes posted here).


(5). All notes from online lectures (post-Spring break) and those from before - are posted here.


(6). Office hours are just after class or by appointment.