Announcements for Physics 752 (Prof. Agashe) - Spring 2012


(1).  HW clarifications that I gave earlier are now posted online (as part of the corresponding

        problems) here.


     Deadline for all HWs is May 18 (Friday), 5 pm.


(2). Term paper


The length of term paper will obviously depend on the topic (+ size of margins etc.!),

but I am expecting a minimum of (roughly) 10 pages (single spaced).


       Deadline for term paper submission is May 18 (Friday), 5 pm.


Here is the presentation schedule in Room 4102 (each slot includes time for



May 14 (Monday)

1.30-4.30: 2 talks by
Yuchen Peng and Brian Calvert on extra dimensions


4.30-5.30: Dark matter by
Chris Anelli

May 16 (Wednesday)

1.30-4: 2 talks on SUSY by
Sungwoo Hong and Chang Hun Lee

4-5: neutrinos by
Josh Wood




(Some) Earlier announcements:



        (3). Notes on QCD (two of them: deep inelastic scattering and Drell-Yan production) and decay

               width of Z have been posted here.