Some Web sites of interest and relevance to Physics 732

Spring 2010


Highlights from Simulations for Solid State Physics

Periodic table, with extensive information about each element inc. links to crystal structure data etc., nice visualization option with Jmol

Colorful periodic table, with many sorting options

Package crw.solid

Metals without electrons: exotic quantum fluids (Lee & Schofield chapter)

Sorting categories for March 2008 APS Meeting (for comparison with Table of Contents of Ashcroft & Mermin!)

Structures of Simple Inorganic Solids, extensive lecture notes by Dr S.J. Heyes, Oxford, with many nice figures

Intro to SSP at U. of Delaware

Condensed Matter Physics at Valparaiso U. (advanced UG level)

Semiconductor Applet Service at U. of Buffalo

Lattice Structures:

X-ray crystallography course, C.L.B. Macdonald, U. of Windsor

NRL's compendium of crystal structure convenient, complete, visualization option, awesome

Perovskite visualization applet

Pictures of common crystal lattices (from BALSAC)

Crystal systems, in the context of minerals, physical characteristics of minerals ; alternative

Survey of structures

Gallery of high-Tc superconducting copper oxides (by S. Weber)

SiC, example of stacking sequences

AT&T Labs catalog of lattices, extensive and often technical

Manual for BALSAC, software for visualizing various surface structures; available (see instructor)

What Are Martensites?

Steffen Weber homepage (applets on structure, some on reciprocal lattice; many nice, some jam in downloading; seemingly no longer supported)

Structure viewer by Steffen Weber

Crystal shape viewer by Steffen Weber

Nanoscience atlas

Structure of fullerenes

Nanotubes made simple -- single wall nanotubes (SWNT) , with downloadables

Nanotube creater, by Steffen Weber

VRML gallery of nanotubes, inc. chiral, by Steffen Weber

NanoHUB: Online simulation and more for nanotechnology

Graphene nanoribbons (wikipedia, with applet)

Defects in Crystals (online book--outstanding and free--by H. Föll, also available in downloadable pdf) --esp. § 5.1.1

Universal binding curve (details for metals, from condensed matter to nuclear)


Random walk applet, along with elementary discussion of diffusion

Fermi gases:

Statistical mechanics of ideal fermi gas, Mathematica notebook fermi.nb (J.J. Kelly, Statistical Physics Courseware)

Electronic band structure:

Kronig-Penney applet (includes wavefunctions, elegant but slow download) and another (also plots effective mass) and yet another (nice controls, so-so graphics) and an excellent site, newly discovered

Nice site on periodic potentials, with java applet for venerable Kronig-Penney model (This site is in Spanish, but the physics is readily understandable. Or you can translate it using Babel Fish.)

Database of Fermi surfaces of elemental metals (stunning graphics, very informative)

Density of states in free-electron and tight-binding models

Wrapping carbon nanotubes

Tutorial on nanotubes & graphene bandstructure, with nice pictures (Schönenberger)

Rather clear picture of wrapping

Crystal tutorial project, example of options in modern calculations

Electrons in external fields:

Landau levels


Extensive collection of applets about semiconductors (U. of Buffalo)

Conductivity: dependencies for Si, Ge, diamond

Britney Spears's Guide to Semiconductor Physics (ghost written, d'uh!)

Formation of pn junction and its band diagram

Diffusion, drift, recombination: java applet on Haynes-Shockley exp't

Principles of Semiconductor Devices, free webtext by Bart van Zeghbroeck

Tight Binding Programs for Computing the Band Structure of Semiconductors

Electrons, including electron-electron interactions:

Hartree-Fock applet for atoms

Thomas-Fermi atom (download may be problematic)

Spin systems:

Paramagnetism of spin-1/2 systems, Mathematica notebook spin-half.nb (J.J. Kelly, Statistical Physics Courseware)

Thermodynamics of paramagnetism, Mathematica notebook paramag.nb (J.J. Kelly, Statistical Physics Courseware)

Spin waves, illustration

Phase transitions:

Phase transitions on lattices

Broken symmetry and order parameters (by J. Sethna)

Hysteresis (by J. Sethna)

Java hysteresis simulation

Mean field model of ferromagnetism, Mathematica notebook Weiss.nb (J.J. Kelly, Statistical Physics Courseware)

Melting of metal--crude animation

Real-space Structural Probes:

XPS (x-ray photoemission spectroscopy), inc. "universal curve" (U. of Nottingham)

Surface science techniques, once an outstanding compendium, now many broken links

Grant Bunker's tutorial documents on X-ray absorption fine-structure techniques

Newville's fundamentals of EXAFS, too much info but great figures!

Daresbury overview of EXAFS, inc. link to curved-wave theory

LEED tutorial

STM tutorial (by T-W Hui, U. of Guelph)

STM tutorial, another

Other scanning probes

Beautiful STM images courtesy of IBM

LEEM tutorial

Principle of field emission microscope

Field ion & field emission micrographs


Review of Berry's phase, by Xiao, Chang and Niu

Macroscopic polarization via Berry's phase, by Resta

Advanced topics:

An Introduction to Solid State Many-Body Theory (Univ. of Exeter)

[Fermi and] Non-Fermi Liquids [A. J. Schofield, Contemporary Physics 40, 95 (1999)] (or download from Schofield's publication page)

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