Homework Assignments for Physics 704, Spring 2011

Problem Set #1 loaded Jan. 31; due date postponed to Feb. 15, deadline Feb. 17; note comment on 3.1 and added note on 5.

Problem Set #2 reloaded March 2. Note the added N! in #1 and (N-1) -> N in Z, the typo in #2b (y -> g), the added note on #3, the clarification in #4, and comments on Goldstone modes.

Problem Set #3 reloaded March 8, due March 15; schematic figure added to #2, more hints added 3/15 .

Problem Set #4 small fixes April 4; hints and clarifications of #1 and #2 added April 6

Problem Set #5 now complete; deadline corrected to May 3

Problem Set #6 In lieu of a formal problem set, I ask that you submit a possible problem for the final exam. You should strive to formulate a problem that takes about 15 minutes to answer, assuming open notes and open P&B. (Last time I tried this, many problems were too difficult. Also, I was not permitting open text.) This is to your advantage, since good problems will be incorporated into the actual test.