ONLINE RESOURCES, Physics 603*, Spring 2012


*Some from Physics 704, Spring 2011


Online books:


James Sethna, Entropy, Order Parameters, and Complexity [pdf]]


Harvey Gould & Jan Tobochnik, Thermal and Statistical Physics, draft chapters; esp. chaps. 8-10


Harvey Gould, Jan Tobochnik, and Wolfgang Christian, An Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods, preliminary 3rd ed.


Journal articles available via


J. Als-Nielsen and R. J. Birgeneau, Mean field theory, the Ginzburg criterion, and marginal dimensionality of phase transitions, Amer. J. Phys. 45, 554 (1977).


M. Blume, V. J. Emery, and Robert B. Griffiths, Ising Model for the λ Transition and Phase Separation in He3 - He4 Mixtures, Phys. Rev. A 4, 1071 (1971).


H. Falk, Inequalities of J. W. Gibbs, Am. J. Phys. 38, 858 (1970) [Molecular Field Approximation].


H. Maris and L.P. Kadanoff, Teaching the Renormalization Group, Amer. J. Phys. 46, 652 (1978).


Exact solution of the 2D Ising model, section 4 of John B. Kogut, An introduction to lattice gauge theory and spin systems, Rev. Mod. Phys. 51, 659 (1978).



Ortho- vs. para-hydrogen molecules



Critical opalescence:


YouTube video of methanol & cyclohexane (mixed at 293K into bath at 323K), heating up


Alternative YouTube video cooling from single-phase mixed state




Optical vs. acoustic, 1D but displayed in transverse direction




Nice java applet of percolation: convenient controls, nice data output


Percolation tutorial


H. Gould's applet on percolation cluster labeling


Forest fires and percolation, with applet


Ising model and Monte Carlo


Ising applet


Ising: Metropolis, Swendsen-Wang, and Wolff


Ising model, lots of controls


Potts model on square lattice, lots of controls, inc. cell size


Ising applet with adjustable dimensions and boundary conditions, as well as usual controls


3D Ising model, lots of nice controls


J. G. Amar, The Monte Carlo Method in Science and Engineering, from CiSE; currently problems accessing from UM E-Journal site; see protected site for pdf.


M.A. Novotny's excellent review of Monte Carlo methods Library on MC methods

Compendium of Monte Carlo applets (most not Ising)


Potts applet, lots of control


Nice lecture series on Monte Carlo, also from Finland


David Ceperley's Intro. to Quantum Monte Carlo, applied to electron gas


Simulation of Ising and esp. XY models, showing vortices for the latter (homepage at itp), controls in English but description in German


Random number generators:


Random applet, with nice sketch of theory and ability to tune and test


Mersenne twister--state of the art


Comparison of random number generators


P. L'Ecuyer, ``Software for Uniform Random Number Generation: Distinguishing the Good and the Bad'', Proceedings of the 2001 Winter Simulation Conference, IEEE Press, Dec. 2001, 95-105.


Molecular Dynamics:


Excellent MD simulation demo including suggested experiments


MD simulation of hard spheres (in 2D), dimensionless formulation


MD simulations of various molecules (oil, water, etc.), interesting but undocumented


Tutorial for CHARMM




Movie of formation of binary alloy


Miscellaneous topics:


NetLogo Models Library, intriguing simulation tools


3-state Potts model: Landau theory, LGW Hamiltonian


Numerical Recipes homepage (§7.1 has RAN2 and RAN3)


Great collection of links for Condensed Matter Theory



Kosterlitz-Thouless etc.:


"Wetting: statics and dynamics," P. G. de Gennes, Rev. Mod. Phys. 57, 827863 (1985)