Physics 420: Principles of Modern Physics (Spring 2002)

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Physics / Math Reference

Visualizations and JAVA Applets

History Related

Tutorials on every physics topic.

Twin Paradox

by Rob Salgado. (Syracuse University) Nobel eMuseum Biographies, pictures and lectures of Nobel prize winners.
Physics 2000 Tons of tutorials and interactive demos.

Blackbody spectrum

by the QSAD project. (slow to load) Emilio Segrč Visual Archives Collection of historical photographs.
Periodic Table of the elements.  Spectra Samples of continuous and line emission spectra. Albert Einstein American Institute of Physics exhibit.
Mathematica® solutions to integrals.


Time evolution of a radioactive sample. Marie Curie American Institute of Physics exhibit.
The Nuclides Table of the nuclides. Particle in Box Bound states of an adjustable infinite square well. Ernest Rutherford The Rutherford archive.

Just for fun:

A moving 2D wave function 

incident on a double slit. 

(Animated GIF)

1-D Bound states 1-D Schrodinger bound states. Niels Bohr The Bohr archive.

Tool for finding energy levels for various potentials.

(slow to load)

Atomic Archive History of the atomic bomb.

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