Announcements for Physics 411 (Prof. Agashe) - Fall 2012


(1). HW 12 has been assigned here and is due Tuesday, December 11 by noon.


(2). Official course evaluations are due by Wednesday, December 12 here.


(3). All HW, i.e., 2 through 12 and 1st, 2nd midterm solutions have been posted here (final solutions will be posted there as well).


(4). Final exam is December 13 (Thursday):


(i) 8-10 am. in usual lecture room (1402).


(ii) It is cumulative, i.e., it will (potentially) cover all topics which were on HW, except

for section 8.2 (momentum in EM fields).


In particular, sections 9.4 (Absorption and dispersion), 10.2.2 (Jefimenko's equations), 10.3 (Point

charges), 11.1.3 (Magnetic dipole radiation) and11.2 (Point charges) will not be on final since they were

not covered in lecture (or in HW).


Finally, chapter 12 will not be on final (it was not on HW, but a small part of it was covered in lecture).


(iii) Most formulae you need will be given on the cover page of the exam: a sample is posted here.

No other formula sheets will be allowed.


(iv) A summary of important formula is posted here (again, you cannot bring this to the exam).


(v) Review for final will be done in lecture on Tuesday, December 11 and 1-3 pm. on

Wednesday, December 12 in Rm. 1204