Phys410 syllabus Physics 410, Spring 2003

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Schedule of classes listing:

PHYS410 Classical Mechanics; (4 credits) Grade Method: REG/P-F/AUD.
Prerequisite: PHYS 374. Theoretical foundations of mechanics with extensive application of the methods.
Various mathematical tools of theoretical physics.

0101(51042) Brill, D. (Seats=30, Open=20, Waitlist=0) Books
MWF.......11:00am-11:50am (PHY 1201)
F.........10:00am-10:50am (PHY 1201)
    Instructor Dieter R. Brill (301)405-6027,
Text Marion and Thornton, Classical Dynamics of particles and systems
(4th edition, Brooks/Cole Pub Co 1995).
Office Hours TBA
Exams There will be two one-hour in-class exams on March 7 and (?) and a two-hour final exam on Monday, May 19, 8-10 am.
Assignments are found
  • assigned Fridays, due one week later. First one was due Friday Jan 31
  • deduction for late homework
  • No deduction for asking questions when stuck, preferably by email
  • you will be asked to present solutions on the board
  • solution* will be posted with each assignment after its due date (select in drop-down list above)
Problem solving is an essential part of physics. It is not possible to learn the subject without working through the details. Collaboration on the homework with other students in the course is encouraged. Form study groups. You will get much more out of the lectures if you read the material in advance.
Course Grade
(may be revised)
Each Exam is 17.5 %, the final is 34 %, the homework is 22.5 %, and the problems done on the board are 8.5 %.
Course Outline We will essentially follow the sequence of topics in our text (Marion and Thornton), skipping some sections. You should let me know of any sections you do not want to skip (for example, relativity). The weekly assignment will give details on the schedule and reading.
The fine printAcademic Integrity:The University has approved a Code of Academic Integrity available on the web. The Code prohibits students from cheating on exams, plagiarizing papers, submitting the same paper for credit in two courses without authorization, buying papers, submitting fraudulent documents, and forging signatures.
The University Senate requires that students include the following signed statement on each examination or assignment: "I pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this examination (or assignment)." Compliance with the code is administered by a Student Honor Council, which strives to promote a "community of trust" on the College park Campus. Allegations of academic dishonesty can be reported directly to the Honor Council (314-9154) by any member of the campus community.

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