Grading of Notebook Reports

For the notebook "reports" you must do the following:

  1. Write in a real lab notebook.  Keep it as a journal with dated entries.
  2. Write in Ink.
  3. Staple/past/tape all graphs and analysis in notebook. Label axes.
  4. Give a brief description of theory behind experiment.
  5. Provide the actual circuit diagram you used to do the experiment (do not photocopy lab manual).  Include detail about the cable shields and grounding in these diagrams.
  6. Distinguish between a wiring diagram with connectors, pinouts, and grounds from a electrical circuit diagram.  You need both.
  7. Provide a clear description of the procedure used to take data.
  8. Provide the units of all numbers.
  9. Provide and explain your estimate of the random and systematic errors in all important quantities effecting your final result. Your estimates may not be correct but they must be given a reasonable explanation.  You must use proper error propagation techniques.
  10. . Pay attention to significant figures.
  11. . Analyze your data.
  12. . Quote your results with final total uncertainty (including systematic errors).
  13. . When appropriate, compare your answer to the expected value and discuss discrepancies. If the differences are  well beyond your uncertainty estimates, this is a warning that something is wrong and trouble shooting is in order.
  14. . Be sure you have answered all the questions asked for in the lab manual.


Approximate Grading Scheme for lab reports

Procedure                                      2 pts (includes prep questions)
Analysis of data                             3 pts
Error analysis                                3 pts
Everything else on above list         2 pts
Total                                                 10 pts

Late reports                                   -5 pts /week  ( two weeks late == 0)
No report                                        F in whole class


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