Phys404 – Introduction to Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

Fall 2006

Dr. Bei Lok Hu

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TA Information
Kevin Twedt
Office 3103B, Phone: 405-6189
Office Hours: Tu, 2:00-4:00, or by appointment

Homework Assignments and Solutions

Recent Announcements:

December 10
1) You need not hand in KK Chapter 14 Problems 5, 6 on Tuesday, but work them out and check against the solutions to be posted on Friday. They are included in the final exam material.
2) Reminder: Of the two extra lectures I gave on phase transition and modern experiments leading to the discovery of BEC (Nov 28) and phase transitions in the early universe (Nov 30), you are responsible only for the material on BEC phase transition.
3) The final exam will be held Dec 19, 1:30-3:30 in the classroom (PHY 1402),. You are allowed to bring an additional 8 ½ x 11” formula sheet, a total of 3.

November 18
For the second midterm exam, one new formula sheet of 8 1/2 x 11' size written on both sides is allowed in addition to the sheet you used for the first midterm exam.
Assignment 7 (and other old homework) can be picked up anytime outside the TA's office (PHYS 3103).

November 8
1. Slightly revised plan for lectures in November:
        - Nov 7, 9, 14, 16 Chapters 9, 10
        - Second Midterm Exam on Tuesday Nov 21 in class.
        - Nov 28, 30: Lectures on BEC and superfluids (new material)
2. Homework Assignment HW8 combined Chapters 9, 10, due Nov 30
3. Problem Review Session on Thur Nov 16 from 5-6pm in Room 1402

October 25
Reading for Week 10 (Oct 31, Nov 2) should be Chapter 7 of KK, not Chapter 6. 

October 10

Announcement concerning mid-term exam: You are allowed to bring one page of formula sheet 8.5 x 11" both sides and a non-programmable calculator.
Also, HW3 is available for pickup in my office (3103B) anytime Wednesday afternoon or Thursday.

October 8
Solutions to homeworks 2 and 3 are now posted. If you have any questions about the solutions, please let me (Kevin) know – Also, I will be in my office (3103B) from noon – 6:00 or so on Wednesday. So feel free to stop by if you any questions in preparing for the test.

October 4
There will be a problem review session for the first exam on Tueday, October 10 in room 1402 from 5:30 to 6:30pm.

September 25
> Homework Assignment 2 : Problem 8-3 Photon Carnot Engine is counted only as a bonus problem, meaning you will earn extra point 10 points if you get it all right but no points deducted if you don’t get it right or don’t work on it.
It requires prior knowledge of these two relations for a photon gas (Chapter 4):  u (energy density) = U /V = aT4 ,  s (entropy density) = S/V = bT3 where a, b are related constants.
 > Note also isentropic processes used in KK is defined as processes with constant entropy. They are equivalent to, via the relation dS = T dQ,  adiabatic processes used in the lectures, defined as processes with no heat exchange.