Physics 402, Fall 2009

Official course description
PHYS402 Quantum Physics II; (4 credits) Grade Method: REG/P-F/AUD.
Prerequisites: PHYS401, and PHYS374, and MATH240. Credit will be granted for only one of the following: PHYS402 or former PHYS422. Formerly PHYS422. Quantum states as vectors; spin and spectroscopy, multiparticle systems, the periodic table, perturbation theory, band structure, etc.

0101(58824) D. Brill
MWF.......10:00am-10:50am (PHY 1402)
W.........11:00am-11:50am (PHY 1402)

David J. Griffiths, Quantum Mechanics (second edition preferred but first edition acceptable), Pearson/Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-111842-7

In Phys401 we covered chapters 1-4 of Griffiths. The plan for Phys402 is to cover Chapters 5-11 of that text. We will begin with a review of the Phys401 material. A more detailed schedule will be posted.

There will be approximately weekly assignments, mainly from the text, that count approximately 20% of your grade. See below.

There will be two exams during the term (one of them probably a take-home, and a Final Exam that counts about as much as the two in-term exams.

and other information will generally be posted on ELMS. However, the first assignment is due during the first week of classes, so it is reproduced here:

First Assignment is due Wednesday September 2 and asks you to do the Phys401 (2009) Final Exam again. We will discuss the solution on September 2, and your previous exam books will be available so you can compare and assess how much you have improved over the summer.

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