Physics 401 - Fall 2010 - Prof. Hall - M/W/F 10:00 to 10:50 am, W 11:00 to 11:50 
Week Date Lecture Topics Due in Class
1 30-Aug Two slit experiment
1-Sep Complex numbers, Diff. Eqs.
3-Sep Wave phenomena, Expectation values
2 6-Sep Labor day - no class
8-Sep Postulates of QM Homework 1
10-Sep Postulates of QM
3 13-Sep General Solution to the TDSE
15-Sep Fourier Sine Series Homework 2
17-Sep Stationary States, Particle in the box
4 20-Sep Particle in the box
22-Sep Free Particle, Fourier Transform Homework 3
24-Sep Free Particle 
5 27-Sep Catch-up/Review & Take Home Exam #1
29-Sep Orthonormality Exam 1 due
1-Oct Dirac notation
6 4-Oct Dirac notation
6-Oct Dirac brackets Homework 4
8-Oct The position basis
7 11-Oct Completeness
13-Oct The momentum basis Homework 5
15-Oct Wave mechanics & Dirac notation
8 18-Oct Hermitian Operators
20-Oct Uncertainty Principle Homework 6
22-Oct Harmonic Oscillator
9 25-Oct Harmonic Oscillator
27-Oct Harmonic Oscillator Homework 7
29-Oct Bound states
10 1-Nov Catch-up/Review + Take home exam 2
3-Nov Matrix Mechanics Exam 2 due
5-Nov Two State
11 8-Nov Two State
10-Nov Two State Homework 8
12-Nov Transformation of Bases
12 15-Nov 1D Scattering
17-Nov 1D Scattering Homework 9
19-Nov 1D Scattering
13 22-Nov 1D Scattering
24-Nov 1D Scattering Homework 10
26-Nov Thanksgiving break
14 29-Nov Angular Momentum
1-Dec Angular Momentum Homework 11
3-Dec Angular Momentum
15 6-Dec Angular Momentum
8-Dec Angular Momentum Homework 12
10-Dec Catch-up/Review
16 18-Dec Final Exam - 8:00 am - 10:00 am