Physics 375 

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Experimental Physics III

Fall 2005

Sections 0101 - Monday, and

0301 - Tuesday

Instructor: Prof. Steven Anlage

Teaching Assistant:  
Mulyadi ("TJ") Tjoa
Office: 4210, x5-5982
Teaching Labs Coordinators: Mr. Allen R. Monroe
  Mr. Tom Baldwin

Syllabus           Schedule   Vernier Scale Applet  

Notes on Error Analysis        NIST Notes on Uncertainty
Guidelines for Written Lab Reports
Notes on Using the Program ACQUIRE
    1 Refraction  
    2 Geometrical Optics   
    3 Polarization
    4 Michelson Interferometer  
    5 Diffraction
    6 Atomic Spectra


 Mathematica Notebooks
Mathematica Tutorial
    General Data Handling, Plotting, and Linear Regression
    Nonlinear Regression
    Reading in Data from ACQUIRE
    Fourier Transforms
    Fitting Diffraction Data
  Homework Assignments
      Homework #1
      Homework #2
      Homework #3
      Homework #4
      Homework #5

    Homework #6

      Homework #7

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