Latest Assignment:
Assignment 11 Click here Due Thursday, May 7    

Assignment 10 Click here: Due Wednesday, April 29    

Assignment 9 Click here: Due Wednesday, April 22     Mathematica notebook commands,

Assignment #8 - Due Wednesday, April 15
Snieder Chapter 15 Problems:
219.b-219.d, 221.b, 221.d, 224.b, 224.a-224.d, 226.a, 227.c, 228.a-228.d, 230.g, 231.h

Assignment #7 - Due Wednesday, April 8
Snieder Problems - 204.a-210.b (All 18 problems)

Assignment #6 - Due Wednesday Mar. 11
Snieder Problems - 94.a-95.e, 98.a, 100.b, 100.c, 102.a, 104.a - 104.c

Assignment #5 - Due Wednesday Mar. 4
Snieder problems: 79.b, 83.a to 84.d, 85.a, 85.b, 89.a, 89.b, 2nd 89.a, 2nd 89.b, 90.c, 91.d, and W.1 (click here for W.1) 

Assignment #4 - Due Wednesday Feb. 25
Snieder problems: 64.a to 66.e, 67.a to 68.c, 69.a to 71.g, 72.a to 73.g,

Assignment #3 Due: Wednesday, Feb. 18
Snieder Problems: 44.b, 45.c, 51.e, 52.f, 52.g, 54.b, 54.c,56.a, 56.b, 56.c, 56.d, 63.d, 63.f, 63.g, 63.h

Assignment #2 - Due Wednesday Feb. 11
Snieder Problems 28.a-28.c, 29.d, 32.b, 33.d, 33.e, 34.f-34.h,
36.d, 36.e, 37.a, 38.b, 38.d, 39.e, 41.d, 43.g, 43.h

28.a means question a on p. 28.

Assignment #1 - Due Wednesday Feb. 4
Snieder: Problems - 6.b, 6.d, 7.d, 11.a-11.d, 13.d, 15.a-15.c, 23.d, 25.a-27.f

6.b means page 6, question b of the text.
11.a-11.d means page 11, questions a, b, c and d.