Problems for
Intermediate Methods in Theoretical Physics

Edward F. Redish

Identifying Dirac Notation

For each of the objects a.-f. in the Dirac representation, choose which of the descriptions in the list 1-10 fit them. Each of the six expressions may match more than one description or none.Not all of the descriptions must be used.

a. d.
b. e.
c. f.
  1. This expression is an inner product.
  2. This expression is an outer product.
  3. This expression is the Dirac delta function.
  4. This expression is the identity operator.
  5. This expression is a Fourier expansion.
  6. This expression contains elements of a pseudobasis.
  7. This expression contains elements of a basis..
  8. This expression is a number.
  9. This expression is a state in a linear space.
  10. This expression is an operator.


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