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Title: Physics 374: Intermediate Theoretical Methods

Introduces or reviews areas of mathematics that are regularly used in upper level and graduate courses in physics, including important areas from complex variables, Fourier analysis, partial differential equations and eigenvalue problems. These methods will be studied in the context of relevant physics applications. A current standard symbolic manipulation program (Mathematica) will be introduced and its appropriate use in theoretical analyses will be taught


Successful completion of the calculus-based introductory physics sequence, e.g., Physics 171-272-273 (or an equivalent sequence), and Math 246 (differential equations). Math 240 (linear algebra) is a co-requisite.






Office Hours

InstructorE. F. Redish1308 X56120By arrangement or W 2:00-4:00
TATom Bing1322 X56185T 9:00-11:00

Where and When?

All classes are held in room 1402 in Toll Hall (the Physics Building).

  Monday Tuesday Thursday
Time 11-111-1211-12



Although this class is titled "Theoretical Methods", I will try to keep the focus on the physics. The crucial part of learning math methods is not just learning to do the math; it's in learning to use the math to make sense of the physics. Often the hard part will be deciding how to set up the math before you start any calculations at all -- or after you're done interpreting your results physically.


Clicking on the link above will take you to a page outlining a tentative syllabus for the class. The actual content will vary. We might go faster or slower or drop and add content depending on what the class knows and is interested in.


Recommended Texts:

There is not a specific text that matches the material and the approach in this class exactly. A number of relevant texts have been placed on reserve in the engineering library, including: There are lots of potentially useful websites. I will create a page of links that look good to me. If you find any you like, please let me know so I can add them and the rest of the class can use them too.

Class Participation:

You should attend all classes. This is particularly important since we have no formal text.





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