Physics Shop Techniques
Physics 305
1 credit

Russell W. Wood,  Department Shop Supervisor
Room 0125, Physics
Phone:  301-405-2272

Office Hours:   Monday-Friday 10:00a.m.-5:00p.m., except class times

Prerequisites: None

Texts: Modern Metalworking
            The Goodheart-Willcox Co.   ISBN 1-56637-710-2
            by John R. Walker 
            Plus  hand-outs of selected and prepared materials.

Course Description
Students will learn the proper use of machine tools to manufacture parts from metal alloys, and the importance and proper use of engineering documentation in the development process. Aluminum, primarily due to its ease of machining, will be used to learn basic procedures. Steel will be introduced to illustrate the variation of properties of materials. Students will set up and operate lathes for the first half of the semester and then move on to  milling machines for the second half. They will be required to manufacture, from drawings, parts to tolerances as close as .003  inch. The instructor will ensure the students' safety and ability to accomplish these tasks throughout the course. This course will be invaluable to engineering students, graduate students in all research laboratories, and anyone planning to become involved in a manufacturing environment.

Handouts will be presented in the context of the topic/s at hand. The student is expected to read and thoroughly understand the supplementary material as quickly as possible after it is handed out.  
Likewise, reading assignments in the text will be aligned with the weekly class activity. It is expected that the student will attempt to understand the next week's class excercise ahead of time to maximize the  learning experience in class. 

Course Calendar
Class 1        Principles of mechanical drawing and engineering documentation.
                    Principles of metalworking: Tools and Materials
                    Introduction to Machine Tools
Class 2       Basic and precision measurement: Methods and Tools
                    Sawing; Setting up lathe and  rough turning to length.
Class 3        Turning with feed.  Drilling, Hand Tapping in lathe. 
Class 4        Taper turning. Parting off. Uses of the file on the lathe.
Class 5        Hand threading with a die.  Grinder safety; discussion of tool grinding.
                   Thread specifications and measurement.
Class 6        Finishing to size. Threading in the lathe (chasing thread)
Class 7        Thread chasing continued. Boring. Discussion of Knurling, and other secondary
                    operations, if time permits.
Class 8        Tour of Instrument Shop. Discussion of Milling Applications & RotatingTooling
                    Demonstration of Milling Machine functions. Demonstration of
                     machine adjustments. Saw blanks and begin squaring of part per drawing.
Class 9        Complete milling  blocks square and to size; Filing and
                    De-burring; Milling grooves and shoulders.
Class 10      Deep Drilling; Drilling, Counterboring and Tapping.
Class 11      Slotting operations with slitting saw.
Class 12      Indexing operations. Mixed Lathe and Mill Operations.
Class 13      Broaching. Review.

**please note: Course calendar may vary depending on speed class schedule



Course Policies
Attendance and punctuality are of utmost importance due to the nature of this class. It is
an ongoing learning process where one operation leads to another so if you miss or come
late often you will fall too far behind to progress. Make-up classes may be possible, depending on instructor's work load.
Students are responsible for making sure I have their correct email address and checking their email daily. Important messages will sometimes be sent to the class by email.

Safety is a top priority for yourself and those around you. Accidents can happen in a split
second, if you are not alert and concentrating. Most students receive good grades providing they are punctual, make an effort to understand the principles, follow direction and obey safety rules.

Support Services
The instructor is present all week to answer any questions you may have or any guidance
you may need to excel in this course.