Physics 276, Section 0201

Experimental Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism

Prof. J. J. Kelly

Fall  2004

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Course description: Physics 276 is the third course in the introductory laboratory sequence Physics 174-275-276.  The course is intended primarily for physics majors, but is open to all science and engineering students interested in a rigorous introduction to experimental science.  The experiments emphasize electromagnetic fields and circuits.  A major component of this course is developing skills in record keeping, data analysis, and scientific writing.

General information

Grading policies

Laboratory schedule

The following table outlines the experiment and discussion schedule. You are strongly advised to read the relevant chapter of the laboratory manual and to work through all derivations before coming to the lab so that you understand the physical principles for each experiment and the  assumptions used to relate abstract principles to practical measurements.  You should also work through the error propagation for derived quantities so that you can anticipate which uncertainties are likely to determine the accuracy with which the experimental goals can be achieved.  You should then be well prepared for making careful measurements and complete record keeping.  If you prepare well, you should be able to perform most of the data analysis during the lab period.  Inadequate preparation usually results in inefficient use of laboratory time!

For the purposes of this course, weeks with experiments begin on a Friday and end the following Thursday!

Week  Dates experiment number/topic report  due notes
1 Aug. 30 - Sep. 3 introduction    
2 Sep. 6 Labor day    
  Sep. 7 data analysis with Mathematica      
3 Sep. 10 - 16 I: Ohm's Law    
4 Sep. 17 - 23 discussion I  
5 Sep. 24 - 30 II: Magnetic Fields    
6 Oct. 1 - 7 III: Electron Beam in E and B Fields II  
7 Oct. 8 - 14 discussion III  
8 Oct. 15 - 21 IV: RC and LR Circuits with Stepped Input    
9 Oct. 22 - 28 V: RC circuits with AC Input IV  
10 Oct. 29 - Nov.  4 VIa: LRC Circuits and Resonance V  
11 Nov. 5 - 11 VIb: LRC Circuits and Resonance    
12 Nov. 12 - 18 VII: Diode and Rectifier Circuits VI  
13 Nov. 19 - 24 review/discussion VII  
14 Nov. 26 - Dec.  2 Thanksgiving & make-up    
15 Dec. 3 - 10 lab final    

Note acts of God or Man may require adjustment of the lab schedule -- be alert to announcements.

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