1. You will need to buy a WebAssign access code. The University Book Center  has the WebAssign Student Access Code Cards in stock.


Students may also pay online if they have a credit card.  Students will

have until the 14th class day to pay; after that they will be locked out

from accessing their assignments until they pay.


2. Connect to and choose  Login.


3. On the Login page under Student Resources you can access the Student Guide. It is recommended you read this, even if you are familiar with WebAssign.


4. Login.

Username : whatever precedes the @ in your email address

Institution : umd

Password : your student ID #, which you can change.

Input access code where requested



5. Your current assignments will come up and you should click on the appropriate spot. The assignments will all be problems from the text. Pay attention to the deadlines and follow instructions.


6. Some rules :

a) assignments will generally be issued Thursday and input closes the next Thursday(7 days later) at 11:59 pm, so you can ask questions Monday or Wednesday in class before the answers are due.

b) you will get 5 tries at the problems and only the last one counts toward your grade.

c) each question or part of a question is worth 1 point.

d) solution key will appear after the deadline.


7. Please sign on asap and report any problems.


8. WebAssign does not count toward your grade. It is for your use as a learning tool.