PHYS 273H - Spring 2013: Honors Project


As a student in the honors section of Physics 273, you will be doing independent research on a special topic related to waves. The goal of the project is for you to learn in detail about some physics which is not covered (or only briefly covered) in class. At the end of the semester you will give a 15 minute presentation for the other honors students on your work.


Project Types: You are free to decide the scope and style of your project, subject to approval by the instructor. Here are several possibilities:



Project Proposal: Write a proposal for your project, including the type of project and its topic. I will approve the proposal or suggest changes. Your project proposal must include:


You must turn in your project proposal to me by Thursday February 20th. We will meet to discuss your proposals in class on Friday February 21th.


Final presentation: At the end of the semester you will present the results of your project to the other Phys 272H students in a 15 minute presentation. We will arrange an appropriate time to meet, most likely be during exam week. As noted above, your grading scheme should include the final presentation.


Phys 273H meetings: We will meet as a group once a month to discuss the status of your projects. We will meet during class (9:00 am) on February 20, March 14, and April 25. You are required to attend these meetings. (Any absence must be excused).