University of Maryland Concepts from Chapters 32-36 inclusive

Concepts and associated formulas that you should know:

Self-induced emf and its relation to the inductance; IR drop through a resistor;
potential difference across a capacitor; relation between the induced emf in one
coil, the mutual inductance, and the time rate of change of current in the other
coil; how to solve the RLC circuit subject to initial conditions; relation between
rms and max quantities for AC currents and voltages; various kinds of reactance,
resistance, and impedance; resonance in a series RLC circuit; transformers; plane
electromagnetic waves--velocity, wavelength, frequency, angular wave number,
and angular frequency; index of refraction, rules for reflection and refraction; how to derive the
condition for total internal reflection; real and virtual images; magnification;
formation of images by mirrors, refractive surfaces and lenses; use of the lens
equation; ray diagrams; conventions for when distances are positive or negative.



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