University of Maryland Concepts from Chapters 29-31 inclusive

Concepts and associated formulas that you should understand and be able to use:

Absence of isolated magnetic poles, north and south magnetic poles, magnetic fields, magnetic force on a charge, magnetic force on a current, magnetic torque on a current loop, magnetic dipole moment, motion of charges in a magnetic field, magnetic bottles, van Allen belt, velocity selection in crossed fields, mass spectrometer, cyclotron; Hall effect; Biot-Savart law, magnetic force between currents, Ampere's law, magnetic fields from currents in a wire, a loop, a solenoid, an infinite current sheet, a toroid; Gauss' law for magnetic charges, displacement current and Maxwell-Ampere law; magnetic moments of atoms, Bohr magneton; types of magnetic materials-paramagnetism, diamagnetism, ferromagnetism; hysteresis, earth's magnetic field; Faraday's law, motional emf, Lenz' law, induced emf, motors, generators, eddy currents.  



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