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You will need a Student Access Card to use WebAssign, which can be purchaed from the University Book Center (seek help from the customer service counter) or online if you have a credit card. You can use the system free for about two weeks from the first day of class. Let me know if you have problems acquiring a card.

To log into WebAssign, use the address You will need a username, the institute name and a password. Your username is that part of your official university email address that precedes the "@" sign regardless of what follows the "@" sign. The institution is "umd" and your password is your student ID number if you have never been on the system before; if you have used the system before, your password may be what it was the last time you visited WebAssign. You will have the option of changing your password. If you forget your password, let me know and a new one can be generated.

After you login in, you will be greeted with any messages I have posted. Your first assignment, which will not be graded, is an "Intoduction to WebAssign 2003." Follow the prompts to do the assignment. As with the graded assignments, you will have multiple attempts, twenty, to get the correct answer before the system locks you out. The system will grade your last saved attempt at the time the assignment is due. It is best not to wait until the last minute to do your assignment because of the possiblity of system overload and crashes that may make you miss the deadline. Although I encourage you to work with your classmates to enhance your learning potential and experience, the numbers for the problems will be changed randomly for each student; each of you will need to calculate your own result. I recommed that you download all the problems for an assignment and work them out analytically on paper before calculating the numbers that you will submit to WebAssign. This gives you a hard copy from which to study for quizzes and exams and minimize the number of attempts you make before completing the assignment. In some cases, you will be asked to explain your result or perhaps make a plot. These will not be gradded, or handed in in the case of a plot, but could appear on a quiz or an exam. If you have problems with WebAssign please see me.

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