Physics 262-Summer 2001


08/13/2001: The final exam (08/24) will be in a slightly different format from the two midterms. First of all, it will be a 2-hr exam. The total points will be 140. (Note that a point in the final exam is worth a point in either of the midterms.) The exam will consist of two parts: The first part (40 points) will cover all chapters that were covered during the semester, and will contain 10 multiple choice questions. These will be straightforward questions such as problem number 3 and 4 of Quiz 4, and there will be no such questions as problem number 1 and 5 of Quiz 4.
The second part (100 points) will be in the same format as the midterms.

08/04/2001: The midterm 2 (Aug. 10) will be in the same format as midterm 1, although there are couple change. In this exam, you can NOT bring your notebooks, but you can bring xerox copies of summary pages at the end of each chapter from the textbook. You can still use your calculator during the exam. You also need to read the document "Exam Instructions" and understand the rules before the exam.

07/24/2001: Apparently, some of the answer sheets for quiz number one are missing in action after the grading was completed. To be fair, I will not count the first week's quiz grade toward the final grade. In other words, you can forget about the grade that you got from quiz one.
To prevent this from happening again, I will have you sign your name on a "pick-up sheet" whenever you pick up your graded material. Thank you for your cooperation.

07/18/2001: Schedule for Mid-term 1 is changed to 7/30 (formerly 7/27).