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Exam Instructions (PHYS262, Summer 2001)

You can use xerox copies of the summary pages from the textbook, blank sheets of paper, and calculators.

In your exam books, you can write anything in any way you want. However, in order to receive due points, you have to clearly mark (box, underline, check, number, or whatever) (a) your master equations or essential explanations and (b) your final answers.

By master equations I mean the most essential set of equations, often expressed in terms of variables that are known and unknown, from which you can derive your final answers. For example, if you need to find the values of two unknown variables, you should mark at least two simultaneous equations as your starting point, although you can mark additional intermediate equations/information of importance as well if you think that they are necessary.

If you need to give explanations, please mark the paragraph that contains them.

In grading, ONLY THE MARKED EQUATIONS/EXPLANATIONS AND MARKED ANSWERS WILL BE LOOKED AT. In addition, if you do not show your master equations/explanations and simply write your answers, you will automatically receive zero points. Please DO NOT mark intermediate numerical calculations or unnecessary information.

You need to indicate the correct physical units of your final answers if they are in numerical form. (Eg., 20 m/s. 15 kg, etc.) If you do not give the correct units, you will not receive full points even if the number is correct. If the answer is in letters or variables, you do not need to provide the units.

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Hyok-Jon Kwon