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There are two parts to the homework: mastering physics (www.masteringphysics.com) and written homework. The written homework is assigned on this page. All problems listed are from the text book given on the syllabus unless posted. The notation followed is C.NN where C is the chapter number and NN is the problem number. Hence 5.4 stands for 4th problem from chapter 5.

Mastering physics homework problems are assigned from www.masteringphysics.com. Please go to the website and register as a student using your student access code that either came with the textbook or purchased separately. Enroll in the course index that was sent to you over email.


Complete instructions on how to go about solving the homework are given in this section of the syllabus. We will select and grade in detail two problems from every written homework which aree worth 6 points each. For the 6 point problem, points will be taken off for: incorrect method, insufficient explanations (upto 3 points!), lack of units(-1/2), lack of direction and magnitude if vectore quantities(-1/2), for not showing the equation that you use (in its complete form) to start calculating a particular quantity(-1 to 2), lack of staples(-1), not being neat and tidy(-1), not writing your name, section number, homework numbe (-1 for the first time and -2 thereafter).

The rest of the problems assigned on the homework will be graded out of 2 points each.  An correct solution gets 2 points, a valiant attempt "almost there" gets 1.5 points, while a good attempt (right method with the correct equations, correct picture) could get 1 point, some attempt gets 0.5 points. 1 point (out of 2) will be taken off for lack of explanations. Often, I may suggest work problems that may help students to better understand some concepts.  These problems are not due in class or will not be graded, although it would be extremely beneficial to work through them. These solutions to these problems will be put up on the the elms website.

Some of the problems might have extra parts and these are mentioned at the end of the table. But you can access them by clicking on the link adjacent to the problem.

Some of the written homeworks may be changed to mastering physics homeworks depending on the load on the grader.

Polite advise/reminder/request blah blah blah...

If you are not doing well on the homeworks consistently, then something is not right and needs to be fixed. This can only happen if you talk to us. The earlier the better.


work #

Date Due

Day Due











Posted on Elms/Not due  


1.8, 1.16, 1.18,1.20, 1.34, 1.35, 1.39, 1.42, 1.43, 1.49, 1.51, 1.56




Just an intro. But very important Intro to mp




1 02/06 Wednesday     Physics-161-hw1  


2 02/07 Thursday   mp1    


3 3 02/13 Wednesday   3.40,4.47,4.80,4.45,4.49 3.16, 3.23,3.33,338


4 02/14 Thursday   mp2    


5 02/20 Wednesday   Physics-161-hw5  


6 02/21 Thursday   mp3    




7 02/25 Monday    


6 8 03/07 Thursday   mp4    
  9 03/09 Saturday   mp5    
7 10 03/13 Wednesday   Physics-161-hw10  
  11 03/15 Friday   mp6    




12 03/21 Thursday Extra drop. If you do BOTH of these, then an extra MP homework will be dropped mp7    


13 03/23 Saturday   mp8    




14 03/27 Wednesday     6.55,7.35,.7,40,7.49,8.63  


15 03/28 Thursday   mp9    




16 04/01 Monday     7.41, 7.54, 8.41, 8.34, 8.62  


17 04/06 Saturday   mp10    




18 04/10 Wednesday   10.50,10.52,10.54,10.55,10.58, can turn this in on Monday 4/15 if you like.


19 04/11 Thursday   mp11    




20 04/17 Wednesday     1142,11.50,11.51,11.56,11.73,  


21 04/21 Sunday   mp12    


          suggested problems --> 10.43,10.44,10.51,10.53,10.56, 10.58,


  04/24 Wednesday     Suggested problems --> 11.45, 11.46,11.47, 11.48, 11.52, example 10.9, 9.64, 9.42






22 04/29 Monday     Written homework 10 Will be collected on 05/01 but try to complete it by 04/29 (Exam on 05/01!)
              suggested problems will be put up tomorrow.
15 23 05/06 Monday     12.43, 12.65, 12.69, 12.70, 12.79  
  24 05/07 Tuesday   mp13    
  26 05/09 Thursday   mp14